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WLC Design is an architectural design & technology company that services the Washington, Virginia, & Maryland areas. Through our philosophy, we believe by focusing on collaborating with our clients on small- or large-scale projects allows for us (the design team) to create spaces that are beautiful & functional but has the client's style & character evident throughout the entirety of the design. We emphasize developing partnerships with our clients that promote an open relationship with a focus on the project and its benefit to the end user. Our projects include existing residential renovations to new build constructions. WLCdesign's design abilities allows us to produce beautiful designs for an array of home renovations projects, home additions, interior design, retrofitting, and reusable space -- large- or small-scale spaces.

Commercially, by utilizing a collective of talented architects, designers, planners, & engineers we are able to design functional, yet beautiful architectural projects that value human use & experience. Ranging from small fit outs to large scale projects our team composes sensible, yet stainable designs that are interwoven between a project’s budget & architectural esthetics. With over 30 years of combined architectural experience WLCdesign’s design abilities allow us to provide designs in a wide variety of practice areas with projects such as commercial buildings, restaurants, warehouses, labs, & etc..

WLCdesign’s “Community Development / Strategic Planning” design ability operates on a much larger macroscale acting as a hybrid between multifaceted areas involving everything from transportation, green spaces, infrastructure, to zoning and codes. We focus on supporting communities by developing them to benefit future neighborhoods, while simultaneously working to benefit the current occupants of the areas.

Our goal is to leverage relationships with our clients, fellow architectural / design firms, contractors, & material retailers in the building industry to create beautiful, functional, stainable designs that will better the user's experience & use within the spaces. Together we continue to invest in the belief that with the right team, any idea can be a reality & architecture can make a better world for tomorrow’s users.

Our Partners

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