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Our Philosophy
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Our Vision


WLC Design is a growing company seeking to evolve the architectural design industry through our philosophy. We focus on collaborating with our clients on small scale private projects and community based developments.  We emphasize developing partnerships with our clients that promote an open relationship with a focus on the project and its benefit to the end user. Employee welfare is very important to the company as our philosophy strives to maintain the good health and well-being of our employees, as well as those of our partners. We aim to see employees grow as individuals while working collectively as part of the company. Our current projects include residential renovations that will create new rental space in the Washington, D.C. market as well as design for a revitalized neighborhood in the greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

The Design-Build aspect of the company focuses on home renovations, home additions, interior design, retrofitting, and reusable space.


The Strategic Planning branch of the company operates on a much larger macroscale acting as a hybrid between the two other aspects of WLC Design, involving everything from transportation to green spaces to infrastructure to zoning and codes. We focus on supporting communities by developing them to benefit future neighborhoods, while simultaneously working to benefit the current occupants of the areas.


Our goal is to leverage strategic relationships in the building industry to create opportunities for better buildings, better spaces and better experiences.  Together we continue to invest in the belief that with the right team, the sky is truly the limit. 

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